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GAZA victorious by zealousofpeace GAZA victorious by zealousofpeace
My target from this work is that I want show GAZA after 22 days resistance against criminal Israel regime attack was victorious and after show our bravely resistance with help of God , we belief that the blockade of Gaza remove forever and the sinless children of Gaza and all people of occupied Palestine will be free. Under the protection of God.

In the name of God
18 Jan 2009
God greatest , I witness that any God not exist except one God and I witness that Mohammed is prophet of God.
Gaza Moslems people to be come victorious , and criminal Israel force to accept failure after twenty-two days bravely resistance of Gaza people and legal government of Palestine Hamas , against of wild and feloniously attack Zionists regime to sinless people.
At last with help of God and determination of them ,they are be victorious and Israel force to accept unilateral related that exactly accept defeat . victory always belong to people that belief God and with all ability themselves in way of God against evil enemy ,stand and fight.
In this 22 days unequal war ; 1363 sinless people be martyred include 418 little children , 111 woman , 48 brave defenders of Hamas and 5500 people too wounded.
But battalions of Hamas could stand against enter Zionist army ( before 33 days war in Lebanon 2006 and this war that claim they are fourth powerful world army ) to Gaza and perdition 80 persons of them. And I should say if Hamas no defence from Gaza , Israel very easy can kill all Gaza people in several day. and now Hamas respite one week to Israel until leave they land Gaza and finish to blockade.(it show power of Hamas)
Israel with disgraceful defeat force to retreat and people of Gaza and Hamas fighter was victorious of field and 900 rockets of Hamas be answer of people killing to Zionist towns in 22 days against heavy ground, air and sea attack Israel and cause they are very fear.
But today , o freeman people of world that in 22 days show your protection , object of Gaza not yet finished.
First : Israel should removed blockade of Gaza and Egypt too Rafah crossing.
Second : war criminals like bush , rice ,Sharon , ehud olmert , ehud barak , tzipi leony , commanders and soldiers of Zionist regime ;should in war crimes court of justice to be trial and hang to punishment gallows.
Third : Israel should let till food and medical help of red cross ,red crescent , Islamic republic of Iran and Argentine give to Gaza people.
But I should say to government of countries and united of nations that in 22 days be silent , betrayed or adhered from Israel and u.s.a , shame on you…
you see how people of Gaza and Hamas government without your help and with to rely our God and determination give them victory. All freeman of people world witness that how Moslems of Gaza despite our dears died , never step to back.
Then we tell you adhered countries of crime, killing and cruelty ; God always with oppressed and not help oppressor. Give lesson from history and fate of Hitler , mussolini , sadam and beginner war defeat in Hiroshima, Vietnam , Afghanistan and Iraq because your predestination will just break.
I should say now all people know country with name Israel is not exist and they are just with occupation Palestine country from 60 year ago make this oppression government and it included man, woman even Israelite children (with write message on Israel rocket for fall on sinless Gaza children and kill them) that in Gaza disaster interfere. if thousand year past we say any country with name Israel not exist.
To all people zealous of peace , we should till Gaza arrived to it freedom stand , to demonstrate and show our hate from Israel until blockade be remove forever . at the end we all together hand in hand says:
Praise on Palestine , praise on Gaza people resistance , praise on Iran , Lebanon , Syria , turkey , Venezuela , Bolivia ,Qatar ,Malaysia , Moritani and all Palestine protector countries , praise on Hamas fighter , praise on all world freeborn and real zealous world peace.
Break blockade from Gaza
Punishment responsibles of killing in Gaza.
Gaza people be patient and to rely on God that victory always with them.
under the protection of God …
Sign : Zealous of peace
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TikiMaliki Featured By Owner May 16, 2009
Hamas and Hezbolah are playing the palestinians like fiddles and using them for their own agenda. Terrorists.
lahandi Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2009
kade6767 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009
Iran needs to just go away. The real terrorists of the world are Iran, they are the ones that should be removed from map. Too stupid to know any better they all are, and you as well since you have no mind of your own to understand the underlying reasons, and bullshit lies you were taught by other ignorant people.
Zantetsuken-117 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009
The Arabs have shown themselves to be criminals. It is no surprise that Hamas is willing to use Gazan and Palestinian children as meat shields.
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